Glove Box Laser Welding Packaging System

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When exclusive components these kinds of as semiconductor devices, integrated circuits, and optoelectronic devices are subjected to laser welding and packaging operations, the welding products are uncovered to the air and are specially vulnerable to oxidation less than high temperature ailments, resulting in welding flaws these as porosity, slag inclusions, cracks, and reduced welding strength. , Leading to soaring failure costs such as very poor airtightness, minimal toughness, and impression resistance of the system, especially the affect resistance defect will lead to damage to the machine flying high Mach, causing important protection accidents and house losses. At present, the domestic industry urgently desires a The laser welding packaging unit that can be utilized beneath vacuum ailments or below exclusive environment defense circumstances has a superior male-equipment environment and adaptable devices to meet the desires of large-end units, especially unique units for significant-velocity aerospace cars.

Etelux supplies a laser welding glove box based on atmospheric protection. To resolve the outcomes of air humidity and air impurities in laser welding, the glove box has two 90-degree square cabins, the remaining facet is the heating cabin, and the suitable facet For the transitional cabin, the greatest temperature of the heating cabin is two hundred ℃, the heating plate can be cooled fast at the similar time, the exterior of the square cabin doorway is a handbook doorway, the inner door is an automated door, the internal and outer doorways are interlocked, the glove box is controlled to be cleaned by a move meter, and can also be related to the purification process. Its traits are: very low leakage, lower drinking water and oxygen content in the box, steady over-all tools performance, and real and dependable h2o and oxygen detection.