Super Capacitor-lithium Battery Generation Glove Box Oven Built-in Machine

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one. Right after all the resources have been transferred to the glove box, near the doorway with the glove box manufacturers box, open the outer doorway, and reload the content for the next change of the content oven and the authentic approach. The generation line does not have to have to be related with several ovens, and it can bake one particular change or numerous change materials at a time, preserving generation time, minimizing manufacturing one-way links, and keeping away from secondary pollution in other procedure solutions. The products high-quality is ensured, and the use of the manipulator saves a ton of labor and realizes automatic production.

two. The oven is geared up with one or more shifts of manufacturing resources at a time, and is baked and dehydrated

three. Automatic material transfer in the oven

4. After the oven substance baking method is completed, it is transferred to the glove box cooling place for cooling at a time

five. Right after the cooling is done, the material is taken by the computerized feeding robot and transferred to the processes of liquid injection, soaking, standing, sealing, and so forth. These procedures are computerized manufacturing procedures

six. Soon after the over operation is completed, exit the warehouse as a result of a huge warehouse