De Dicionário de História Cultural de la Iglesía en América Latina
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This is allocation of La Triada, the alliance of the 3 best private universities in Latin America: the Tec de Monterrey, the Pontificia Universidad Catlica de Chile and the Universidad de los Andes in Colombia.

Although anyone can resign yourself to courses for free on the Coursera digital training platform, certification of having taken them does cost (approximately $50 per course and $300 per specialization).

Members of the Tec community can get credited release of warfare in courses and specialization programs of these institutions.

"Coursera and the three universities of La Triad wise saying that there is potential to reward to the project for complementary year," said Jorge Rodrguez Tort, leader of exchange Tec Credentials for CONECTA.

"In this second edition we asked that our EXATECs in addition to have access, hence that we can offer them a improvement considering they graduate from the Tec.

"Only from the Tec we have 3,777 members hence far afield who are using this benefit, taking one, two or even three MOOC courses," he added.

MOOC stands for growth entre Online Courses.

To look the full range of courses, click here and gate below for instructions.


The courses friendly were created by professors from the 3 universities and lid topics such as leadership, business, entrepreneurship, education, physics, health and even video games, along with others.

There are 100 courses nearby and 10 specialized programs offered jointly by the 3 universities.

"It is doable to receive training from high level universities, it is important to say you will this into account, because it is a feel education and it is free.

"You can re-skill your skills that you already had or in many cases cross-skill with supplementary skills to clarify your profile in current issues," he added.

WHAT accomplish I accomplish TO endure A COURSE?

All responsive students, graduates, academic and administrative staff who have mail later than the ending, or can enter the courses in the when way:

Access through
Click the connect for forgive button.
If you are a student, graduate or partner in crime of the Tec, click upon the button "Login to Tecnolgico de Monterrey".
Log in as soon as your registration or employee number.
Check the Catalog another to look what courses are available.


The pay for of courses for this year remains the same, reported Rodrguez Tort; however, he said that the point toward is that little by tiny it can be strengthened next supplementary courses during the year.

"We as a consequence hope to double the number of students involved, when knowledge of what a MOOC can offer them: learning, where, how and like they decide," he concluded.

Some of the courses easy to get to on the platform are


How do I viewpoint my idea into a company?
How to build my situation model?
Successful situation paperwork for SMEs

Effective Leadership for the 21st Century
Self-leadership and emotion admin for puzzling challenges
Leadership styles
Sexuality, human rights, equity

Welfare, equity and human rights
Sexuality and education
Sexuality... much more than sex

Social Media Marketing
Green marketing

Read Macondo: the deed of Gabriel Garca Mrquez

iOS Application Development
Video game move forward and design


This project is ration of the collaboration agreements of La Trada.

"By bringing the three universities together we are giving the different of having the offerings of the specialized courses and programs of each academic circles in stand-in countries, Colombia, Chile and Mexico," said Rodriguez.

In August 2018, the alliance amid the three universities was formalized and it was isolated last year that these courses began to be offered. They are entry to the public, but they are release of war for the Tec community.

The institutions of La Triada are positioned as the 3 best private universities in Latin America, according to world rankings of evaluators such as Quacquarelli Symonds.

If you are a Tec student or accessory you have the opportunity to come by a free authorize of the courses offered by La Triada through Coursera.

The Tecnolgico de Monterrey, the Pontificia Universidad Catlica de Chile and the Universidad de los Andes in Colombia form "La Trada", an alliance of academic cooperation, research and joint work.

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